09 May 2011

The "Show Ethiopia Some Love" Campaign

For those who know me, you know that I have a heart for Ethiopia. In fact, in less than 2 weeks, I'll be heading back for the third time in less than 2 years. I've taught in churches and seminaries there, I've walked in some of the most destitute places on earth there and my wife and I have adopted a child from there. Additionally, I've partnered in the past with Transformation Love to get many Ethiopian children sponsored (e.g. food, clothes, school, etc.). Well, I'm back at it, but this time I'm using my music to help raise support. That's right, from Friday, May 13th - Friday, June 10th, for every download/purchase of Tablets (individual songs or entire album), 75% of all funds raised go to Transformation Love. It's easy: Step 1) Download Music, and Step 2) You'll Help Rescue Women & Feed Children in Ethiopia. Can't afford it right now? Well, you still have 2 options: 1) Contact me here on the site and we'll work something out, and/or 2) Spread the word to everyone you know.

Wanna shop now? Go ahead! Support us through ITunes, Amazon or PayPal. Now, we know that not everybody's into rap or hip hop. If that's you, no worries, you won't hurt my feelings. But you can still make a donation too, by click HERE.

02 May 2011

TABLETS called "Rhythmic Exegesis"

This one was posted today on ITunes, check it out:

25 April 2011

Inscripted Project Mentioned on DaHoodBuzz.com

Check it out by clicking the image-link below:

Brief Review of "Tablets"

Check out Matt Montonini's short review of my album, TABLETS. It starts off like this: "Tablets the new album by Michael Halcomb, aka ‘Halc’, is unlike any Christian rap this listener has ever heard. The style and the beats are not necessarily what make Halc’s creation unique. Rather, it is his ability as a lyricist that has me nodding my head in amazement..." Again, to read the rest, go HERE.

TABLETS Now on ITunes

Yeah, now you can get individual songs off of TABLETS or the entire album at ITunes. Just click the picture of the album cover to the left or HERE to get it. Or, if you've got an IPad, IPod or any other Apple "I" stuff, just search "Inscripted Project" within those devices. Thanks ahead of time for your support!!!

21 April 2011

HALC Interviewed About The Inscripted Project

"Michael Halcomb is not your average New Testament Ph.D candidate.In academic circles, he can usually be seen presenting papers at scholarly gatherings as well as producing online Biblical-language web resources for those studying Hebrew, Greek, Theological French or Theological German. However, Halcomb has another identity--that of "Halc", Christian hip hop artist and spoken word performer."

Check out the interview in its entirety here: Examiner Interview.

11 April 2011

Ill Phil Down To Interview

Yeah, you read right! That cat outta New Orleans, Ill Phil, is gonna be interviewin' with The Inscripted Project and decoding some of his lyrics for us! With popular songs such as "A Real Friend" and "I Don't Hate Him," Ill Phil is gonna chat with The I.P. and give us a brief, behind-the-scenes look at his music and life. Trust me y'all, if you like Christian rap, you ain't gonna wanna miss this. Stay locked-in! For now, check out his site HERE and peep him on Facebook HERE.

07 April 2011

C2Six Confirms Interview!!!

So, I just got off the phone with the phenomenal Christian rapper C2Six and we had some good chat up. But yo, he's locked-in to interview with The Inscripted Project and y'all are gonna be lovin' this convo! Not only does this cat got mad skills but his backstory is real. Here's a dude who stepped out of important places in the secular realm so he could spit about Jesus. Here's a dude who sold over 100,000 records and worked with industry superstars but gave it up so he could bring the Good News. Here's an ex-gangsta rapper who, now, by day, recruits kids for Christian school and by night, works in inner-city Dallas to help thugs transition out of gang life. But I'm sayin' too much already. You're gonna have to wait for the interview to peep the rest! In the meantime, check him out HERE, HERE and HERE.

06 April 2011

Two Upcoming Featured Artists

Yo, y'all keep ya eyes peeled for two hot upcoming featured Christian Rap artists / groups on InscriptedProject.com. That's right, we've got Trachead Musiq and God's Anointed Soldiers (G.A.S.) on the docket and you're gonna love hearin' what they've got to say. Not only that, the interviews are gonna be done video style...yih, yih. Plus, they're also gonna decode some of their lyrics and break it down explanation style for us!!! While you wait for the exclusive interviews, though, check 'em out by clickin' the image-links below: